Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Success Story No.27

It has been a year and I have not done anything into research of any success stories and only rely on kind contributors who has read this blog and write to me to contribute. Yes, I am feeling guilty.

Anyway, what brought me here is because I received an email from PL, who is so kind to contribute her story. She does not elobrate more on her journey but anyway, congratulation to her, she finally has her little angel.  She is lucky in just 1 IVF trial and got her angel.

She has a little note and would like to share with others:

"In IVF journey, we need  to have positive vibes and professional expertise. I have full confidence with my doctor and his team,  nevertheless, prayer is important too. To get the only good embryo to implant successfully is a miracle to me."

A. General Information
  1. Age group of couple : mid 30
  2. Married for : 4 years
  3. Currently pregnant : No
  4. No. of Children : 1 
B. Treatment/Medical Background 
Wife : corpus luteal cyst.
Husband : Normal. 
  1. Doctor / Clinic : Dr. Prashant N., KL Fertility Centre.
  2. Type of Treatment : IVF
  3. Nos. of Trial : 1
  4. Approx. cost spent : 20-25K 
  5. Total no. of egg retrieved : 3
  6. Total no. of embroys developed : 3
C. Further Information
  1. Blogspot : N/A
  2. Email Address: N/A

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Success Story No.26

She has a blog and goes by the name of Wanabe Mom. She explained in very details of her journey and symptoms of her treatments. She started her journey 2010 but has suffered failures and miscarrige. She was intially Dr.Prashant's patient but has moved out of the country due to husband's job posting since then. 

During her stay here, she contacted me and visited my home and receiving good luck hugs from my eldest and I wish her the best and we do keep in touch occassionally on FB. I am delighted that her dream too has finally comes through and is currently pregnant now.

1. General Information :
Age Group : late 30's
Married for : 10+ years
Currently pregnant : yes
No. of children :0

2. Treatment/Medical Background
Husband : Low Sperm Count
Wife : suspected PCOS
Name of Doctor/Clinic: Concept Fertility Centre, KL Fertiitly Centre, 
Type of Treatment : IVF
No.of trial prior to success: IUI, 3IVF, 1 miscarriage
Approx. cost spent: not known
Total of eggs retrieved: 14
Total of embryos developed: 12

3. Further information 
Blogspot :
Email address :

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Success Story No.25

JC has never read or even heard of my blog. She was requested by a VIP to contribute. The VIP has requested her to contribute couple of years ago and reminded her to contribute again recently.

The VIP wanted her to share her story in order to send out the following message:-


Here is JC's story. She was young and no family history of infertility issue but just could not conceive. After some tests and scans, her doctor recommended her laparoscopy and found out that one of her tube has some problem. She was eager to get pregnant and decided to go ahead with IVF. She started with a big bang with 22 eggs retrieval and 14 were fertilised.

At 1st round, 2 embryos were implanted. A week later, she has high fever and it was dengue. The embryos were not able to survive this high temperature.

At 2nd round, 2 enbryos were implanted again. Then, she got a positive result but the blood test shown low HCG level and was requested to have a re-test few days later. Unfortunately, few days later she had a miscarriage due to ectopic pregnancy.

You could have imagine the emotional stress going through her from the 1st incident and now with the 2nd incident and with the thought that she will never have a baby.

Few months later, she was ready again for her 3rd round. We need to praise her for a never give up spirit here!

And this round, it is a POSITIVE and a few week later, during the first scan, 1st time ever she can see and hear, what she terms as the "most beautiful sound in the world" - the baby's heart beat.

Again, another amazing story!!

1. General Information :
Age Group : early 30's
Married for : 6 years
Currently pregnant : yes
No. of children :1

2. Treatment/Medical Background
Husband : Good Sperm Count
Wife : suspected Endometriosis and damaged tube
Name of Doctor/Clinic: Dr Prashant, KL Fertility Centre
Type of Treatment : IVF
No.of trial prior to success: 3 attempts but 2 attempts via frozen embryos
Approx. cost spent: rm 50, 000
Total of eggs retrieved: 22
Total of embryos developed: 14

3. Further information 
Blogspot : NIL
Email address : NIL

Monday, May 12, 2014

Success Story No.24

M, dropped me a line today and having the same situation (1 young toddler and expecting twins) as me and wanted some advice. I took the chance to ask her to contribute her story and she responded immediately to my request.

Thank you M and hope you have a joyful pregnancy and sail through the initial hurdle. It is not an easy job with close age siblings and twins!!

1. General Information :
           Age Group : mid 30's
           Married for :   10 years
           Currently pregnant :Yes
           No. of children : 1 and expecting twins
2. Treatment/Medical Background    
  • Husband : Low morphology
  • Wife : High FSH

  • Name of Doctor/Clinic: Dr. Prashant Nadkarni
  • Type of Treatment : IVF

  • No.of trial prior to success: 2 IUIs, 2 IVFs (successful each time)
  • Approx. cost spent:RM40,000
  • Total of eggs retrieved : 6 eggs (first round)  9 eggs (second round)
 Total  of embryos developed: 5 embryos (first round) 5 embryos (second round)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Success Story No.23

CP is a relative of my friend. She has 2 miscarriages and longing for a baby but phobia with the miscarriage history. Most of her family members do not support her idea of trying to get pregnant with her history, her diet (vegetarian) and  financial situation. My friend is a relative to CP and knew about my issue and journey and manage to convince CP to make a visit to Dr.P for a 'diagnosis'. 

CP mainly suffers from PCOS problem with her irregular period and after consulting Dr.P, the way forward seems to be IVF. There was a few little hiccups but finally she got pregnant and expecting soon. 

1. General Information :
  • Age Group : late 30's
  • Married for :   10 years
  • Currently pregnant :Yes
  • No. of children : expecting soon
2. Treatment/Medical Background

  • Husband : NIL
  • Wife : PCOS 
  • Name of Doctor/Clinic: Dr.prashant nadkarni
  • Type of Treatment : IVF
  • No.of trial prior to success:1
  • Approx. cost spent:RM17,000
  • Total of eggs retrieved : 10
  • Total  of embryos developed: 6
3. Further information (if available and do not mind being contacted (if you have no blogspot):

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Success Story No.22

Thank you, Sandy for sharing your story.

A. General Information
  1. Age group of couple : 38 (37 and 8 months at time of egg retrieval)
  2. Married for : 13 years
  3. Currently pregnant : Yes. (Expecting twins: 2 x day 5 embryos transferred)
  4. No. of Children : None
B. Treatment/Medical Background 
  1. Medical Issues : Wife : Not known issues  Husband : good sperm count, poor morphology, poor motility and forward progression.
  2. Doctor / Clinic : Dr. Helena, KL Fertility Centre.
  3. Type of Treatment : IVF
  4. Nos. of Trial : lucky first IVF!
  5. Approx. cost spent : 20K
  6. Total no. of egg retrieved : 18
  7. Total no. of embroys developed : 15 fertilised, but only 4 made it to good quality (day 5) blastocysts. 
C. Further Information
  1. Blogspot : N/A
  2. Email Address: N/A
  3. Note: I highly recommend Dr Helena and the entire Team working at KL Fertility Centre - truly world class in every respect.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Success Story No.21

From the Star, Monday, 16 Sep 2013

Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah posing with a pair of IVF newborn twins born to P. Kavitha, 35 and A. Aruleswaran, 41 at a hospital in Kuantan. Yet unnamed, the twins are 113rd and 114th babies to be born via IVF under the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation. With them is the twins' grandmother, P. Syesoda, 57.