Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Success Story No.27

It has been a year and I have not done anything into research of any success stories and only rely on kind contributors who has read this blog and write to me to contribute. Yes, I am feeling guilty.

Anyway, what brought me here is because I received an email from PL, who is so kind to contribute her story. She does not elobrate more on her journey but anyway, congratulation to her, she finally has her little angel.  She is lucky in just 1 IVF trial and got her angel.

She has a little note and would like to share with others:

"In IVF journey, we need  to have positive vibes and professional expertise. I have full confidence with my doctor and his team,  nevertheless, prayer is important too. To get the only good embryo to implant successfully is a miracle to me."

A. General Information
  1. Age group of couple : mid 30
  2. Married for : 4 years
  3. Currently pregnant : No
  4. No. of Children : 1 
B. Treatment/Medical Background 
Wife : corpus luteal cyst.
Husband : Normal. 
  1. Doctor / Clinic : Dr. Prashant N., KL Fertility Centre.
  2. Type of Treatment : IVF
  3. Nos. of Trial : 1
  4. Approx. cost spent : 20-25K 
  5. Total no. of egg retrieved : 3
  6. Total no. of embroys developed : 3
C. Further Information
  1. Blogspot : N/A
  2. Email Address: N/A


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